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The following timetable provides an overview of planned and completed actions in reversed chronological order:


Future date

Planned action
  2017-06-01 Final release of IBCS v1.1 by IBCS General Assembly
  Past date Completed action
  2016-11-06 Publication of v1.1 drafts for UN 2.2, UN 3.1, and UN 3.2 as comments
  2016-06-03 Discussion of suggestions for IBCS v1.1 on IBCS Annual Conference in Warsaw
  2015-07-31 Publication of IBCS v1.0 (final release)
  2015-06-18 IBCS v1.0 finally released by IBCS General Assembly
  2015-05-31 End of the consultation period for draft 2
  2015-01-11 Release of IBCS v1.0 draft 2
  2015-01-11 Status of IBCS v1.0 draft 1 set to "out of date"
  2014-06-23 Decision of General Assembly on parties, process, and next steps for the development and change of the Standards
  2014-02-17 Publication of IBCS v1.0 draft 1 part 2 “Design of components
  2014-01-04 Publication of IBCS v1.0 draft 1 part 1 “Notation of meaning





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