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The review and development of the Standards is an ongoing change process. IBCS Association engages in extensive discussion prior to issuing new versions. This includes worldwide solicitation for public comment through a draft consultation process. The objective of the change process is to gather input from all stakeholders. 


Target group

All stakeholders are welcome to contribute to the Standards. Contributions are particularly sought from practitioners in finance and IT departments, from consultants and software developers concerned with business communication and business intelligence, and from professors and students teaching and learning the design of reports and presentations.


Contributors registration

Contributors are requested to register and login (please find the registration link on the LOGIN page). Logged-in users make use of the link “leave comment and show” on the lower right side of each section.

Contributions will be published immediately. Please read the PRIVACY POLICY for information on how your personal data and contribution will be dealt with.

The development and change of the IBCS standards is governed by a transparent process with appropriate deadlines allowing for a broad public discussion before releasing new versions (Standards Change Process). More...


A timetables providing an overview of planned and completed actions in reversed chronological order can be found here.


Latest changes

The public documentation of the changes from one version to another is a major part of the Standards Change Process. A table showing the changes which have been made and providing links to the respective sections of the Standards can be found here.


Missing topics

Here is the place where we collect recommendations and suggestions of the IBCS community about topics missing in the recent version of IBCS. They are open for discussion similar to the provisions of the published version of IBCS. More...




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