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HICHERT+FAISST (referred to as “IBCS Institute”) owns and oversees all IBCS Trademarks. “IBCS Trademarks” collectively describes all registered word marks (in particular “HICHERT®", "SUCCESS", and “IBCS®”), logos and other names of products and services (“offering names”) used by IBCS Institute and IBCS Association.


The guidelines serve as an instruction for the IBCS community regarding the use of the IBCS Trademarks. The “community” consists of related persons and businesses and also of anyone else who is interested in the IBCS approach to business communication. “IBCS related persons and businesses” are individuals or entities who have been certified by IBCS Institute or have signed individual license and cooperation agreements (like IBCS Certified Consultants).


Any use of any IBCS Trademark must comply with these guidelines. Any use beyond the scope of use that is expressly permitted by these guidelines requires a certification, a license agreement or other form of prior written consent. If you are in doubt about whether the way you intend to use any IBCS Trademarks or logos conforms to the guidelines, please contact IBCS Institute for clarification.


If you are interested in a cooperation with or certification by IBCS Institute, please refer to our website or just get in touch.


1  Why regulate the use of IBCS Trademarks

These guidelines seek to balance two opposing interests. On the one hand IBCS Institute explicitly encourages everyone in the community to spread the word and to talk and discuss about the standards and offerings. On the other hand it is paramount for IBCS Institute to make sure that the IBCS Trademarks remain reliable indicators of the origin of the offerings and the quality IBCS Institute stands for.

Trademarks serve to distinguish the goods and services of one organization from those of another organization; they serve as an indicator of the origin of products to the public and as a vehicle for an organization’s message. To preserve the image of quality that consumers associate with IBCS, it is important to preserve strong trademarks in order to avoid confusion by giving a clear guideline to those who are free to use IBCS Trademarks. And by taking clear actions against those who try to unfairly profit from IBCS reputation or to trick or confuse people who are looking for official IBCS resources.


2  When you can use IBCS Trademarks

Use of the IBCS logos is always subject to a certification, license agreement or other form of prior written consent.


Feel free to mention the IBCS word marks in any kind of journalistic or other neutral report, article or discussion about the standards and offerings and IBCS organizations and your own experiences therewith. In those cases, please make sure it is clear to the reader or listener that you are reporting about IBCS and not in the name of an IBCS organization.


You may mention IBCS word marks when describing the relation of your own products and services to IBCS in running text. Then you must make a clear distinction between your own products or services and IBCS either visually or by the wording. Any impression of an existing business relation between you or your business and IBCS organizations has to be strictly avoided if there is no such relation. It is particularly important to avoid using an IBCS Trademark in an exposed position, for example in a title, cover or headline of product packaging or any other material or on trade show signage, etc.


We do not allow any use of IBCS Trademarks as a product or service name, project name or title, domain, logo or company name or as a part thereof without IBCS Institute’s express written permission.For example, names such as "IBCS Chart Factory", “MyReporting IBCS Add-In” are strictly prohibited.


Do not state or imply that your products or services are produced, certified or authorized by IBCS Institute without express approval from IBCS Institute. For example, do not characterize your product software as “… powered by IBCS” or represent your training programs as "authorized IBCS training" without written permission from IBCS Institute.


We do not allow any use of IBCS Trademarks in advertising, including web search advertisement like AdSense and AdWords without IBCS Institute’s express written permission.


3  How you can use IBCS Trademarks

Whenever you use IBCS Trademarks in accordance with the above, please do as follows:
  • Spelling: Always refer to an IBCS Trademark using the correct spelling with the correct capitalization. Do not alter the trademark in any way. For example, it is incorrect to say "ibcs" and "I-BCS", it is correct to say "IBCS".
  • Symbol: Include the appropriate symbol ® or (R) to the registered IBCS Trademarks. For example: "The HICHERT® Notation Manual contains best practices for the design of management reports”.
  • Scope: The trademark "IBCS®" applies to all goods or services delivered by IBCS Association and IBCS Institute – anything you can obtain from these organizations. Therefore you say IBCS® presentation, IBCS® poster, IBCS® seminar, and so on.
  • Possessive form: Do not use IBCS Trademarks in possessive form. For example, it is incorrect to say "IBCS's seminars". It is correct to say "IBCS® seminars".
  • IBCS organizations: When referring to IBCS organizations like IBCS Association or IBCS Institute rather than the IBCS® brand, trademark rules do not apply.
  • IBCS logos: IBCS logos are not to be used in any form without prior written consent.

4  Trademark attribution

Please include the correct attribution statement containing the reference to the respective IBCS Trademark in any material that mentions any IBCS Trademark:


"[IBCS TRADEMARK] is a registered trademark of IBCS Institute."


Place the statement either on the copyright page (which may be the case in a brochure) or at the end of a material if it has no copyright page (in an advertisement or a press release, for example).


© 2015 IBCS Association. Except where otherwise noted licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 International.