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Conceptual rules help to clearly relay content by using an appropriate storyline. They comprise the first part of the IBCS standards with the SUCCESS rule sets SAY and STRUCTURE based on the work of authors such as Barbara Minto [1]. Their wide acceptance stems from their scientific, experimental, and practical experience basis.


SAY  Convey a message

SAY covers all aspects of conveying messages to the recipients of reports and presentations.
Conveying messages means that reports and presentations, both as a whole as well as within their individual components, intend to say something to the recipients. Messages in this sense can be determinations, explanations, clarifications, recommendations, and other forms of statements.

This chapter covers introducing, delivering, detailing, supporting, and recapitulating messages. More...


STRUCTURE  Organize content

STRUCTURE covers all aspects of organizing the content of reports and presentations.
Organizing the content means that reports and presentations follow a logical structure forming a convinc-ing storyline (see also the SAY rule SA 3.2 "Develop storyline").


This chapter covers using homogeneous elements, building non-overlapping elements, building collectively exhaustive elements, building hierarchical structures, and showing logical structures. More...



[1] Minto, Barbara: The Pyramid Principle, 3. edition, 2002



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